5 Things South Asian Grocery Stores offer

You may think South Asian grocery stores are specialty stores where one can only buy spices and special regional special vegetables, fruits, and meats when one is cooking a South Asian meal. However, these stores have a lot more to offer and one must not ignore them or pass them by without taking a glance at what’s available. Here is a list of 5 Things South Asian Grocery Stores offer –

  1. Health and Beauty Products – South Asian grocery stores have health and beauty products that are imported from India, Thailand, China, and other countries in the region. These over-the-counter products are made from natural ingredients and are known to be highly efficacious. So, you can purchase items like clove oil, peppermint oil, coconut oil, and other such essential oils. You can also buy health brews such as gooseberry concentrate, basil leaf concentrate, or powder that are known for their many natural health benefits.
  2. Fruits and vegetables – While there are many regional specialties of South Asian countries, one can also buy local produce from South Asian stores as these are universally consumed all over the world. So, if you are running low on garlic, onion, potatoes, or similar such veggies, you can drop in at the local South Asian grocery store for your purchase. Even the seasonal fruits of South Asia such as mangoes and litchis are quite delicious, and you can only buy them at the South Asian grocery stores if you want to buy them fresh.
  3. Snacks and sweets – Though South Asian foods are generally spicy; they are very tasty. Many South Asian snacks may appeal to everyone’s palette as they are sweet, sour, tangy, or mildly spicy. You can try out a new range of healthy snacks that are low on nutrition-rich and tasty. There are many regional sweet dishes and cookies and candies that one must try as they are a match for the tastes of local American snacks and sweets. You can try your favorite gulab jamuns or take ready mixes of laddoos to prepare at home. There is a large variety to choose from.
  4. Spices – what’s a South Asian store unless it sells spices that are imported from their country of origin. Get the freshest choices in spices imported from the country they are manufactured. Pepper, cinnamon, cloves, cardamoms, and any other spice imaginable will elevate one’s taste buds and introduce them to fine dining meal ingredients. One can also purchase pre-mixes and spice blends that can be added to the food to save cooking time or gaffes from not mixing spices correctly.
  5. Teas and beverages – South Asia is famous for its teas and bubuysy Darjeeling tea and coffee powder from recognized Indian brands that taste delicious. If you are a fan of the famous Chai Tea, you can get a blend of masala tea from your neighborhood South Asian grocery store.

Shopping grocery can be fun especially if you are visiting a South Asian store that has some surprise discoveries waiting to be made to introduce one to new alternatives to the American brands.

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