What are the Categories of Products Sold in the Indian Grocery Stores?

Indian grocery stores in the USA are a little piece of India, brimming with grocery products that are imported from the country. Whether you want a regular supply of coconut oil and are dedicated to the Parachute brand, or you love to snack on Maggi’s masala noodles, these can be easily purchased in the Indian grocery stores among other things. Some of the top categories of products sold in the Indian grocery store are –

  1. Vegetables and fruits – there are some regional fruits and vegetables of India that are integral to cooking Indian meals. These include vegetables such as curry leaves, fenugreek leaves, okra, taro roots, and much more. Seasonal fruits like the varied varieties of Indian mangoes, litchi, tender and mature coconut are a great part of the Indian diet.
  2. Grains – all varieties of dals, pulses, grains, and flours can be purchased in Indian stores easily. So, whether you want nachni grains or atta, bajra atta, wheat atta, or rice flour, there will be regular stock depending on the demand for the same.
  3. Beverage – India is famous for its tea and its brand of filter coffee. There is a range of Indian brands such as Tata Tea, Red label, and Taj Mahal which have their variations of masala tea blends that is a morning ritual without which the day cannot begin.
  4. Spices and seasoning – Indian food cannot be cooked without the blend of spices mixed to the right ratio for cooking. Find the freshest batch of spices, imported from the country, and sold in neat packages. There are also ready-to-cook spice mixes that are blended to perfection and sold by famous brands like MDH and Everest among others.
  5. Packaged snacks – The packaged snacks from India are delicious and a must-have for parties or even to cull the everyday cravings. Some of the favorite brands that have standardized the industry are Haldiram’s, Bikaji, Balaji, and Bikanerwala. There are other brands too, including international brands like Lays and Nestle with the Indian variants of their world-renowned products.
  6. Merchandize – these include rice cookers, wet grinders, Blenders, and other must-have utensils, electronic gadgets, and kitchen articles that every Indian household has. There are also religious articles like incense sticks, camphor, diyas, and idols of Indian gods required for festivals, poojas, and other such occasions.
  7. Meat and seafood – Indian stores stock halal meat and regular meat and a wide variety of seafood in the fresh and frozen meat sections. You can also purchase spice mixed for cooking the meats and ready-to-eat meals.
  8. Health and beauty products – Indian grocery stores will have the standard health and beauty products that are used in every Indian household such as Parachute coconut oil, Bajaj Almond oil, Himalaya’s range of beauty products, wellness products like Aloe vera juice and tulsi juice to name a few.

There are Indian brands of many grocery items. Thus, one can do all their shopping at one place and not visit multiple stores to do their shopping.

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